Our equine products

Carrot Ball is a unique horse & pony intelligent toy, designed to keep your horse or pony entertained for hours – watch them play with it around the paddock or hang one up in the stable or horsebox.

Rip Strip is a turnout coat repair solution that will save you £££s on new coats. Simply iron on and allow to dry for a couple of minutes for DIY professional results that are waterproof too!


All horses like to itch & scratch – Itch Stick is the revolutionary new flexible scratching post that springs back into its original position!

123Cam Static & 123Cam PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) CCTV Cameras

Watch Your Horse mobile CCTV cameras have been designed by horse lovers for horse lovers. 
Now you can watch your horse or pony any place, anytime, anywhere for your total peace of mind.

No Electric required | No WiFi required | No Wiring

Specially designed for the Equine market.



The 100% natural equine anti fly wax

Natural Shield is a lemongrass and lavender oil infused soy wax specially blended to stop equine flies irritating your horse, the natural way!


The unburstable, self inflating dog ball.

The best a dog can fetch!

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Innovative equine products designed by horse lovers for horse lovers!