All horses like to itch, scratch and rub themselves! Whether it’s an itchy head, leg, neck or bum, your horse will stop at nothing to relieve itself from discomfort.

This usually results in your fences or gates being destroyed, or static scratching posts being constantly knocked over. Until now! Itch Stick is the revolutionary new flexible scratching post that springs back into its original position! Simply secure it into the ground, giving you peace of mind that your horse can scratch and rub away whenever it wants!

Check out our horsome! video to see how Itch Stick really hits the spot!

Totally unique features include:

Itch stick can be erected almost anywhere!

Adjustable flexibility!

No more broken gates or fence posts!

Helps relieve skin irritations!

High grade replaceable scratch matting

Reduces stress levels!

Protects your animals from injury!

Built to last!

Total peace of mind!

Suitable for all animals!

Itch Stick – built to last!

Unique Gyroflex rubber spring!

Secure Itch Stick with a widely available ground spike!

High quality, long lasting scratch mat material!

Buy one today!

Itch Stick

Special offer price – while stocks last!

The Itch Stick package contains:

1 x Itch Stick Pole
1 x Gyroflex rubber joint
1 x Pack screws (4)

Itch Stick back scratcher

NEW Back Scratcher Kit


The Itch Stick package contains:

1x Back Scratcher
1 x Pack screws (2)
1 x Cable Tie

Itch Stick

Itch Stick Ground Spike


4″x4″ ground spike for locating Itch Stick in the paddock, field or anywhere you can hammer it in!

Itch Stick

Itch Stick Stable Base


Enables Itch-Stick to be located inside the stable or stable yard where there is a solid floor.

Need help installing Itch Stick?

Check out our horsome! instructional video to see how…

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